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Y3EJ series Brake Motor

This series motors can make action promptly when the power of electric motor is off. Quick brake time doesn't exceed 0,15 second for frame sizes 63MM up to 90MM and not exceed 0,2 second for frame sizes 100MM up to 160MM. This series can acquire slow brake time by changing the connection in the terminal box as per customer's request.

This series have low noise and the braking performance is reliable. The working principle: the electromagnetic-brake motors acquire 198V direct current rectified from 220V AC when the power is on. At the same time, the armature is attracted by electromagnet. This makes brake disc ratable and enables motor to run freely. When the power is off, the electromagnet loses electromagnetic force. The armature is pushed by the spring and sticks to endshield of the motor immediately, the rotation is stopped therefor.

Aluminium housing/Cast iron
Frame size: 80~225M
Power: 0.75KW~45KW
Speed: 3000/1500/1000/750Rpm
Voltage: 380/400/415/440V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Electromagnetic braking
Braking time: frame 80 to 90L  <0.15sec
                  frame 100L to 160L <0.2sec

IEC standard mounting, IP55 protection, class F insulation, IC411 cooling

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